Business Immigration to Slovenia - 2021

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Business Immigration to Slovenia - 2021

Are you thinking of moving to a new country, expanding your business to the European Union, or invest your capital and diversify your portfolio? If the answer is yes, you are on the path.

Are you thinking of moving?

Slovenia is a popular destination to live in for various reasons. Besides its strategic geographical position, soft climate, breathtaking nature, Slovenia is a great place to raise your kids. With low levels of pollution and quality education, moving here is a no-brainer. In Slovenia, you can swim in the Adriatic sea during the summer and ski in the Alps during the winter. The residence permit also gives you a chance to explore other Schengen countries without the necessity of a visa.

Time to expand your business?

One of the benefits of the European Union is the business opportunities it offers. Registering your company in Slovenia allows you to have a free-trade between the EU countries and expand your product/service reach. If you are in the international trade business, Slovenia’s access to the sea and strategically positioned trading hub Port Koper gives an advantage. As most Slovenes speak English, the transition to Slovenia will be a smooth one! Contact us and get a free consultation on the best current business opportunities in Slovenia.

Want to expand your portfolio by investing in Slovenia? 

There are many areas for investment in Slovenia. The most notable industries are IT, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and tourism. Some entrepreneurs have successfully capitalized on the gifts that Slovenian nature offers such as exporting water. Due to the current volatile business landscape, for a person looking for a safe investment, the one constant which remains is investing in real estate. READ MORE about why to invest in real estate in Slovenia in our article.

You will need a trustworthy assistant with experience in company formation and real estate investments, who can advise you on the best and affordable way to obtain a residence permit in Slovenia. We are here to help you! CONTACT US and receive your Free Consultation and let us take the next step together.

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