Infinite possibilities of

Company Registration in Slovenia

Infinite Possibilities of

Company Registration in Slovenia

The company registration in Slovenia gives you infinite possibilities. In this article, you will find out who would benefit from registering a new company in Slovenia, 5 main reasons for registering, what are the steps and costs of the procedure, and the new changes that came into effect in March for foreigners. On top of that, we will discuss the possibility of opening a company remotely.

Who needs to register a new company (limited liability company – LLC) in Slovenia?

All non-EU citizens need to register a company to further their goal whatever the goal may be.

What are the 4 main reasons to register a company in Slovenia?

A person or an entity would want to form a company for several reasons. The most popular ones are:

  1. Open a business or expand a business to the European Union market and enjoy the trade-free zone among the other benefits.
  2. Move to Slovenia and obtain a right to residency through company registration (also for family members)
  3. Obtain the right to purchase real estate on the territory of Slovenia for private use or as an investment.
  4. If a person or a corporate entity wants to establish an Alternative Investment Fund or Alternative Investment Fund Manager platform, registering an LLC company would be the first step in the process.

What are the steps for establishing a company in Slovenia?

With the law that got into effect in March, the procedure got more complex. Foreign citizens are now obliged to submit several documents that prove their compliance with laws in the home country. After these documents are obtained, a person can initiate registration through a notary or registration portal for the business entities. After the share capital is deposited (min. 7.500 EUR) to the bank, the registration documents are sent to the court registrar.

What are the average costs of registering a new company in Slovenia?

The average cost is 800 EUR and includes judicial translations of documents, business bank account registration fee, and business address fee. As mentioned earlier, share capital is deposited into the business account. When a company is successfully registered the share capital may be used for salaries and other company-related expenses.

Is personal presence mandatory for establishing a company?

Due to the current difficulty with traveling, more and more people are deciding for registering a company remotely. This allows the clients to save time with traveling costs while enabling them to get one big step closer to the main goal. 

If you already have a registered company in Slovenia and need a multilingual business assistant to make changes  to company structure, change of business address, assistance with meetings, open new business or/and personal account,  or simply someone accompanying you with personal errands, read our post:  AFFORDABLE MULTILINGUAL ASSISTANCE IN SLOVENIA.

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