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Business Assistance

At Infinity Group we want to make your life easier! We offer business assistance services for those clients who have their own business and/or real estate in Slovenia, but for various reasons cannot actively engage in their day to day operations or simply want more time for other important things in life. With this service, a client receives a valuable multilingual assistant with the knowledge of Slovenian laws and experience in running a day to day company and investment operations. We worry about all those small but important details so you do not have to. Our goal is to achieve a passive income while maximizing the investment potential for our clients.

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Management Advisory Services

We advise all types of companies – newly formed, well established, or even troubled in many industries. Our professionals can be very valuable during the different phases of the business cycle, assisting with problem-solving and planning, communication with Slovenian government institutions and other entities in compliance with the law.

Our services include: Representation of company interests, monitoring compliance with the law, maintaining company correspondence, maintaining internal documentation, basic financial and legal advice, etc.

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Property Management

The service is useful to those who have real estate and want to get the maximum possible profit from leasing the property but do not have time to constantly monitor the operations.

Our services include: Creating and maintaining an account on Airbnb and Booking, placement Advertising, full guest service (check-in, check-out, cleaning, catering), communication.

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Interior Design &


The service is relevant to those who have real estate in Slovenia and would like to add value through renovation or remodeling of their property. With the assistance of our trusted partners, we can help your ideas come to life.

Services include: Creation of a new concept/design for real estate and its implementation, creating a project for renovation or remodeling, and project execution.

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