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Covid-19 and its consequences have become one of the most discussed topics of our time. The virus has become a problem of the health care system while penetrating all spheres of our lives and leaving a significant mark on it. Each of us meets the topic of the virus at least once a day. Newspapers, magazines, social networks, television – everything is covered by the topic of the Coronavirus and news about the increase in the number of infected, as well as the lists of countries that have got on the red list. With each day frightening details are emerging about the restriction of movement, as well as predictions of the impossibility of living “as before.” Until now, no one can predict the end of the Coronavirus and the epidemiological situation in the world.

It is worth agreeing that a lot has changed in the world, but life goes on! Areas such as education, business, technology, and construction have always been developing and will continue to thrive, and with them, humanity as a whole. It has become much more challenging, due to the restrictions imposed regarding free movement around the world, but the possibilities still exist to can be put to use!

Many people think that movement between countries is limited with no other way out of the existing situation but to wait, but this is not so. So, continue to travel the world, change your place of residence, build your own business in Slovenia and expand it to other EU countries, and receive a foreign education – it’s all within your reach!

Today, the manifestation of your ideas and wishes is possible in countries with a more favorable epidemiological situation, such as Slovenia. In Slovenia, all spheres of life continue to work smoothly, businesses continue to be working. Moreover, no significant changes have been made to the education system, and the country’s borders are still open. A residence permit in Slovenia will help you to easily enter Slovenia and allow you to reunite your close family members.

Our company will gladly help everyone who wants to move to Slovenia, assist with study abroad programs, open a business in such difficult times when it would seem that it is impossible. We will also prepare all the necessary documents for you and create conditions for your smooth border crossing. With our help, you will be able to make your dream come true today without waiting until the end of the Covid crisis.

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