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Why to Invest in Slovenia?


My name is Jaka Skorjanc and I am a real estate and financial advisor at the company Infinity Group. In this article, I would like to describe why Slovenia presents one of the best European destinations for real estate investing.

In these uncertain times, when many industries have slowed down or stopped completely, many investors are rethinking and devising strategies of how to proceed and what to invest in. For the more conservative investor determined to expand their investment portfolio with a low-risk and stable investment, I suggest looking closely at the Real Estate Industry in Slovenia, more specifically: The residential sector.

Let me give you 3 reasons why:


Due to the high demand for Residential Real Estate in prominent projects, Apartment Units are bought way before the construction is complete. This is an indicator of the demand for apartments especially, and the liquidity of such projects. 


If we examine statistics from the previous years, published by the Statistical Office of Slovenia, we see a steady growth of the value for the new housing prices as well as the second-hand dwellings. The steady growth of the prices is mostly due to the low number of alternatives for buyers to choose from. Due to the increasing number of people buying real estate in Ljubljana (for various reasons) combined with the influx of immigrants prices will only keep rising for the foreseeable future. 


Even though I put this reason at #3, it could easily be the #1 reason for Investing in Slovenia. As many industries have been slowed down significantly or stopped completely by the Covid measures, real estate projects are still being executed and building constructed as we speak. On one hand, this gives investors an extraordinary opportunity to invest in low-risk and stable real estate investment projects in Slovenia and on the other hand seize the chance to improve the living conditions in Slovenia. Everyone wins!

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