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Business Immigration to Slovenia

Are you thinking of moving to Slovenia by yourself or with your family? Maybe you want to receive a quality education, get to live in a beautiful country, and increase your chances of finding work in Europe? Do you have an idea, business, or a product that you want to expand to European markets?  No matter what category you fall into, we provide a full package of services for obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia on basis of an investment, education, and/or work. If it is your first trip to Slovenia and you would like someone to show you around we can organize a tour around Slovenia, check the NEWS for more information!

Our services include:
  • Preliminary consultations in regard to the residence permit.
  • Making an individual plan
  • Finding the best investment option tailored to your preference and budget
  • Step by step assistance
  • Getting you acquainted with the country

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Residence permit based on investment significantly expands your personal and business horizon. You can start earning money right away and also gain access to the EU.            

PRICE: 2800 Eur


Residence permit based on employment is a more affordable option if you have a higher education but do not wish to make an investment in your company.                                      

PRICE: 3000 Eur 


Residence permit based on enrollment in an educational institution is a great choice for people who want quality education while living in a beautiful country.                                                         

PRICE: 1000 Eur

Residency in Slovenia


  • A simple and inexpensive way of obtaining residence permit
  • Great geographical position
  • High quality of life
  • Economic development
  • Ecology and climate
  • Friendliness of people
  • Small population size

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