Visa D

Language Courses


Language Courses

If you want to immerse yourself in Slovenian culture, learn the Slovenian language, while living in Europe for one year, we have a great opportunity for you. One-year Slovenian language courses from one of the highest-quality language schools in Ljubljana will not only give you indispensable experience but also the opportunity to get a huge advantage when enrolling for a university (or) looking for jobs in Slovenia.

Groups are being organized every month, and unlike the rest of the schools, we offer year-round opportunities to enroll in courses and receive a Visa D. If you wish to apply, we will accompany you step by step, from admission to school to VISA D application.

For more information about courses and possible dates for the start of classes, VISA D, as well as details about our services and additional opportunities, contact us and we will find the best way to assist you!

Start of course:All year round
Length:1 year
Price:3200 EURO

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