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Education in Slovenia

Due to high-quality education in Slovenia, an increasing number of students are choosing this particular destination to continue their studies. Not only will studying abroad broaden your horizon but it will also look good on your resume, and increase your chances of finding the perfect job anywhere around the world.

Slovenia invests about 6% of GDP annually in the equipping of research laboratories and libraries at universities. The focus is on development in the field of robotics, biocybernetics, and molecular biology. Besides, world-renowned scientists regularly conduct lectures in universities.

The educational process in Slovenia is conducted according to the standards of the Bologna system. Graduates of the country’s universities receive diplomas recognized throughout the world.

Levels of the Slovenian education system

The education system is slightly different from the system we are accustomed to, including the stages of Slovenian education have a special structure.

  • Unfinished basic school education
  • Completed basic school education
  • Vocational education of the lowest level (2 years of study)
  • Secondary vocational education (3 years of study)
  • Completed gymnasium and secondary vocational-technical education
  • High-level vocational education
  • Higher and university education.

Higher education in Slovenia

Slovenia offers a quality European education at a reasonable cost. It also has its three-stage structure:

  • Undergraduate
  • Master’s degree
  • Doctorate

Slovenia has 4 state universities and a larger number of private universities with most programs in Slovenian and English languages. Admission and studies in state universities are more demanding while the variety of study programs will please even the most demanding students.

There are international student exchange and internship programs. Career centers at universities regularly hold job fairs to ensure the employment opportunities of students and graduates and also work directly with recruiting agencies. Most importantly in higher education in Slovenia is the high quality of teaching. Graduates of Slovenian universities, have proven themselves well in Slovenian companies and beyond.

Benefits of education in Slovenia

In addition to the high quality of Slovenian education, one should also note the opportunities that a student acquires in the country due to enrollment.

Students and schoolchildren acquire the following opportunities:

  • The right to work throughout the entire learning process (depending on reaching a certain age)
  • Discounts on travel and city transportation
  • Food discount – the opportunity to receive three meals a day in almost all restaurants and cafes in Slovenia with a 50% discount from the list of offered dishes
  • Free access to libraries throughout the country
  • Possibility of using an additional year to complete studies
  • Discounts on services provided by various companies
  • For foreigners – the basis for obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia
  • Except for some programs, you do not need to take admission exams.

Foreigner friendly

Studying in Slovenia is a basis for obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia for the period of study. With enrollment, a foreign citizen acquires the right to work for the period of study (on a par with the Slovenes) without the need for a work permit. Upon graduation from the university, the residence permit is extended for another 6 months so that graduates have the opportunity to find work in the country. A residence permit based on education greatly increases the chance of obtaining permanent residence and citizenship.

Convenient residence permit

We are ready to provide you with full and comprehensive support with the admission procedure and obtaining a residence permit based on studies. Our specialist will assist you with choosing the right program, help with the admission and residence permit process. No need to worry, we also assist with the housing!

The basic package of our services includes:

  • Consultation
  • Simple interpretations and translations
  • Search for the educational institution by clients criteria 
  • Nostrification of education certificate
  • Collection and submission of documents to school/university
  • Communication with the educational institution (status of admission)
  • First visit to the school (if necessary)
  • Preparation and submission of documents for the residence permit
  • Tracking the status of residence permit
  • Accompanying the client when visiting the government institutions
  • Getting a tax number
  • Optional: medical insurance

Additionally, we can assist with housing:

  • searching for options
  • accompanying when viewing
  • drafting a lease agreement

Discover more about how we can assist you with reaching your goal to receive a quality education in Slovenia by clicking on the button below!

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